WELCOME TO SHAJI AUTO PAINTS - The colour professionals.

From Automobile Paints to Wood Coatings, if it is anything related to paints you have come to the right place.

With more than 20 years experience and with a team of more than 30 members we are one of UAE’S largest Importers/Exporters/distributors and retailers of Automotive Paint ,Wood coatings and industrial paints. We are dedicated on delivering the best service and quality in matching paint with the latest colour tools including spectrometer to fulfill your needs and also providing expert advice for all auto, industrial and wood coatings applications.

We are the distributers of Major brands such as Baslac, U-Pol, Yatu, Esdee and Royal. We are also the dealers of Standox, Glasurit and Debeer. Besides these brands we are also stockists of more than 25 brands.

We also export to countries like Oman, Qatar, India, Russia and African countries.